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Sales Soybean Mahogany and wholesale customers

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hello i got your message, but you can on these tarvailler So here all the work that I did well detailed below

Sales SOYBEAN Mahogany and wholesale customers I search a bit by all the country to sell product but thank you

Hi everybody. My name is Donald yovo Cotonou Republic of Bénin.Mais year I was born in France I agricultural products such as cashew nuts, soya, shea nuts and sesame seeds. The new soybean season has just begun. It is abundant in my rural areas. I can up to 3000 tons.
My number is 00229 67373078 private
My email address is [...]
All words would be really appreciated

Hello to you. My name is dossou.yovo. I'm in the business of timber and other agricultural products such as soy, shea nuts, soy, sesame seeds. My country produces many types of wood such as kosso, afsalia, tali, bubinga. i am loading containers for this type of wood each week. For each type I can load up to 50 containers. So I'm looking for a partner or a company interested in these areas. Please contact me for more information and great meeting. I can provide as much as the person wants to export. My phone number is 00229 67373078
my email address is [...]
ALL words would be really appreciated

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