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I want practice my English. Can teach Russian instead. Almaty

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Hello everybody, guys and girls!
I am Russian speaking local person. I know English upper intermediate. I need to practice it.
If you need to learn Russian, or feel lonely in foreign country and need friend write me here or on email: [...].
I am female, 35 years old, live in Almaty, Kazakhstan, well-educated, single, good looking and nice.
Look for somebody whose native language is English, age - from 18 till 120 years old, man or woman - no matter.

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    Hi I would love to help you. I am fluent in English and I speak slow so you can practice English with me without any problem. I have an interest in Russian Language. Would love if we can help each other.

  • Joephat Esomchi

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    I am joephat from Africa, I am fluent in English and a degree holder.

    I can teach English very well and i will be in kz soon

  • Vetri Vel

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    hi elena,

    i'm based in Delhi, India... have serious business plans in Kazakhstan and also working in visiting in summer, wish to communicate for necessary help and language (Russian) improvement.

    happy learning,

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