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Parcel service from Germany to Kaschstan (Öskemen)

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Hi together,

I am planning a trip to Öskemen in June this year. It is a motorcycle trip. The hotel is already booked and I am really excited and looking forward to the trip and to discover Kasachstan.

My question is, if anybody knows a secure and cost efficient way to send some spare parts, clothes, boots and a helmet from Germany to Öskemen.

My plan is, to do a little service on my bike and change my motorcycle clothes.

It would be also interesting to know, if I can buy tires for my motorcycle in Öskemen. I already asked a dealer/garage in Öskemen but unfortunately I did not get any answer.

For an easier communication we could also talk via WhatsApp or Viber: +49 173 20 75 091

I am looking forward to your replies / help.

Best regards Olaf

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