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I am seeking an Afghan family in Kuwait to me and my daughter 22 offers accommodation for couple of days and we Kuwait City show. Reason: my daughter was born in Kuwait and their biggest wish is to visit this country. I have not but I have intoxicating income for 3 jähre put some money back that I can fly with her ​​to Kuwait. But is there not only to fly all hotel and travel in Kuwait costs money which we can not afford unfortunately. Travel time is still unknown
At that time we lived in it has just started the war between Iraq and Kuwait, and we have helped many Afghan, Iranian and Croatian family in distress. We even have an Afghan family. Pulled straight from Iraq to Kuwait with 6 children and almost nothing had our apartment key made ​​with velvet content the apartment and we were flying after foreign
I hope someone helps us also that the Great Wish my daughter is felt

On any serious jolt message we were looking forward

Please if possible in German but does not have answers

Thanks in advance


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