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Hello SIR,

If you are a citizen of a state that is not part of the European Union or European Economic Area and want to come to Romania is necessary to obtain an invitation endorsed by the Inspectorate General for Immigration. The invitation may be made ​​by a person or entity, Romanian or foreign citizen residing in Romania.

The invitation letter is a formality that is done only at the request of Office for Immigration Romanian or foreign citizen residing in Romania and does not imply a notary procedures and no not for the government atribution.

The invitation letter have that format uf the link http://ori.mai.gov.ro/api/media/userfilesfile/Cetateni%20non

If you own a simple passport, you can get short-stay visa with one or more trips if present diplomatic missions and consular offices a written invitation ( http://ori.mai.gov.ro/api/media/userfilesfile/Cetateni%20non
-UE/Declaratie%20pe%20propria%20raspundere.pdf ), endorsed by the Inspectorate General for Immigration, by a natural or legal person in Romania .

Invitation, accompanied by a series of documents depending on the purpose, amount, make two copies and shall be submitted to the territorial formations of Immigration Inspectorate for approval.

Invitations are approved within 60 days of the submission.

If approved, a copy of the invitation will be given to the applicant Roman citizen, who will forward it to you. Will present invitation, original, diplomatic mission or consular post, accompanied by the other documents for visa novels. You should apply for a visa within 30 days of the approval of the invitation, otherwise it losing its validity.

Invitatorul, natural or legal person shall bear the costs of removal of aliens in Romania invited. The invitation shall be enforceable in the event that the alien does not leave Romania invited to date the right of residence by visa.

All this information u can get from official site http://ori.mai.gov.ro/detalii/pagina/ro/Venireacalatoria-in-

My recomandation is to to make sure that you get the invitation and visa approval in Romania, recommend a business registered in Romania, a company and then, under acts of incorporation of the company in Romania to apply for visa for business reasons.

sms - 0040-747-782163
Mobil phone 0040-758-312874

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    Guten Tag,
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