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Fika: to have coffee – a Web Documentary Series

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Dear Just Landed community,

I'm making a web series about Swedish fika!

I would like to inform you about the upcoming release of the web documentary series fika: to have coffee, which might be of interest to you.

In six episodes, the series will make an attempt at portraying the popular Swedish ritual of fika, a small but essential part of the country's coffee culture and day-to-day life.
Instead of following a classic documentary approach, the series intends to be a more about the people and give an insight into Swedish society, it wants to tell the average person's little stories.​

The first episode of the six-part series premieres on May 23 on www.tohave.coffee and on Vimeo for free. A trailer has been released, available for download and website embedding on www.vimeo.com/165865791.

This project is fully non-commercial, it's the final project of my studies in «Cast / Audiovisual Media» at Zurich University of the Arts.


- Release 1st Episode: May 23 2016
- Website: www.tohave.coffee
- Trailer: www.vimeo.com/165865791
​- Facebook: www.facebook.com/tohavecoffee​
- Press Kit: www.tohave.coffee/downloads/press-kit.zip

PS: Any sharing and promoting is of course appreciated.

So long,

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