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Some places to exchange money in Ho Chi Minh City

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I am a tourist who has been to Ho Chi Minh City many times and after my travel experiences, I have learned some experiences about exchanging money here. If you are preparing to travel to this city and wondering if you can go to Vietnam to exchange money or do you have to exchange money before? I would like to share my personal opinion about money exchange in Ho Chi Minh City:

Airport: you can buy local currency when you arrive at the airport. The exchange rate probably won't be favorable, but taxi fares and other immediate needs can be covered.
Near Ho Chi Minh Square: Located in the city center, Ho Chi Minh Square is the city's famous money exchange place. The streets are filled with money exchange shops
Around Ben Thanh Market: money changers and gold shops in Ben Thanh Market are the top choice for locals and tourists when looking to exchange money and they can be found in and out of the market. Most of these stores are located on Le Thanh Ton Street. You can exchange money at gold shops around this area to exchange money at the best place to exchange money in Ho Chi Minh City.
Bank branches on and around Pham Ngu Lao Street (an area for backpackers): Most mainstream banks in the city such as Vietcom Bank and DongA Bank have their branches in the area.
Some large hotels in Ho Chi Minh also provide currency exchange services, you should only use this service for convenience because the price is quite low.

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