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Searching for foreigners in Lithuania!

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Hello, labas,
My name is Danielle and I am from Varena, a town which is the south of Lithuania. Since I was little I started riding horses and by having the perfect opportunities to keep my own horses, being able to ride wherever I want (the woods, coasts of rivers/lakes. valleys and etc.) , I have decided to share the joy of being equestrian with other people who aren't so related to horses. During summer I've meet various people who have came to try horse bareback riding and that made me day by day get more interested in meeting new people, hearing out how there life is going, what are their passions in life, especially those, who are foreign. Also, I would be excited to help you by finding accomodation, activities, interesting/historical places which are more known by the locals or any other stuff. The only cost would be our new friendship!
I would love to spend my time by meeting people who have arrived to Lithuania for a short vacation or a temporary/permanent living (for ex. for a job) in Lithuania!
We could meet on the backs of my horses' and get to know each other by enjoying the beauty of Lithuania's landscapes on the region Dzukija or just meet in the city you're staying! It depends whether you prefer more!
If you have questions or even better ideas - contact me on e-mail: [...] or message me on my horsey page on Facebook: :) Also, don't forget to check the website of Varena for tourists, by opening the link you'll see a map which will show you what can you do and see in Varena
See you!

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