Minu Kim

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Minu Kim
 Minu Kim
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English, Korean, Chinese
நண்பர்கள், தேதி, வணிகத்தொடர்புகள்
வயது :
34 ஆண்டுகள்
Australia, South Korea


  • Minu Kim
     Minu Kim

    From now on no matter what you do I'll still like it, No matter what you do I'll still forgive you, for the sole reason that you're alive." ---- I am a man called Garry (pronounced Gary) from Korea, I still have no idea what I wish to do in life though T_T I only found out about this not so long ago, so I am very new. I want to make friends from all over the world, and exchange languages, culture and beliefs and become good friends. I'm here to talk to anyone and everyone, about lifes rants, hobbies, problems, likes/dislikes.. so leave me a message if you ever want to talk